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Yes, they can withstand temperature conditions from 0 to +50.
It is possible to glue, but the distance between the panel and the open fire should be at least 20-25 cm.
Panels are elastic and bend. The inner corner can be glued in 2 ways, or 2 panels can be docked in the corner, or one can be bent. The outer corner is simply pasted on top with one panel so that at least two bricks go around the corner.
Glue is not needed the panels already have a double adhesive layer.
Without preparation (only to wipe off dust), panels can be glued on: drywall, paint (without tinning), paper wallpaper, wood, chipboard, tile (NOT degreased), wall tile (NOT degreased), plastic. It is better to prime: putty, plaster, whitewash, concrete. Requires dismantling: vinyl wallpaper, washable, silk, embossed, oilcloth, peeling parts of paint, pieces of wallpaper that are moving away. They will not stick on: clay, modern types of wallpaper (except paper), decorative relief plaster.
It is necessary to multiply the surface area for gluing by 2, this will be the required number of panels. Example: room 2x3 ceiling height 2.7. ((2x2,7) +(3x2,7))x2=27 sq. m. area of gluing. 27x2=54 panels.
Foamed polypropylene with a protective PVC coating.
Remove with a spatula.
Yes. But compared to any other coating, the damaged piece is easy to replace, without dismantling the whole panel.
There is not a pronounced gloss, matte ones are also available.
The material from which the panels are made (polypropylene foam) belongs to the category of noise-insulating and heat-saving materials.
They withstand temperature conditions from -20 to +50 degrees, they do not emit harmful substances, it is an environmentally friendly material.
The panels are easy to clean and do not absorb odors and dust due to their PVC coating. You can use any detergents.
The material itself serves at least 20 years.
If the humidity comes from the wall, which contributes to the constant appearance of condensation on it, then the panels can move away if the moisture does not come from the wall, but, for example, is formed due to steam in the bathroom, the panels will hold well and will not move away.
No, they do not absorb odors.
Withstands a temperature of +50 degrees. Under the battery it is possible.
The panel has a size of 77x70 cm, or 70x70 cm. 0.5 square. The price is for 1 panel.
Yes. Ceiling panels are available.
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