• 3D panels in interior

    3D panels in interior

    Recently, 3D self-adhesive wall panels have become the best-sellers. The modern version of the cladding provides unlimited design options. The range of different colors, reliefs, and dimensions allow you to choose the best solution for creating any style in the interior. Due to their pronounced universal characteristics, the use of 3d panels in the interior makes it possible to realize the most creative ideas....
  • What is self-adhesive 3D wall panels?

    What is self-adhesive 3D wall panels?

    Self-adhesive 3D panels are modern finishing material, that are used as decorative coating for interior surfaces (link to gallery). 3D panels with adhesive are the ideal solution for repairing on your own. Thanks to the simplicity and user-friendliness, the panel installation will take only 30 minutes. Wall panels material Decorative self-adhesive panels are made of expanded polypropylene in the form of sheets. On the...
  • How to install 3D wall panels?

    How to install 3D wall panels?

    Simple installation is the main advantage of 3D wall panels. It requires a minimum time for preparation. The only instrument you need is scissors, no more tools are needed. Having measured the surface of the wall and estimated the number of wall panels needed, it is necessary: Clean the dust from the wall Peel off about 5-10 cm of the back protective film along...
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