Wallpaper 2800*500*2mm Grey

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Home repair is often associated with natural disasters. Particularly frightening is the stage of gluing the walls. It is a desire to keep all the work to a minimum and quickly complete the finish. It is possible to solve this problem if you apply texture self-adhesive wallpaper. DIY - repair in 30 minutes!

Due to the high moisture resistance and durability, self-adhesive wallpapers are used to cover various surfaces. Self-adhesive wallpapers are used to quickly update the interior of an apartment. Wallpaper is available in rolls. Material: color film + PVC film + self-adhesive membrane

Advantages of self-adhesive wallpaper:

  • Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, you can quickly and easily stick the wallpaper on the surface.
  • Sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • Large selection of colors.
  • Moisture resistant, have depreciation properties.
  • Reliable mold protection
  • Suitable for any interior
  • Can be washed with a soft sponge.

Sticking instructions:

  • Before starting work, measure the area of ​​​​the surface to be glued.
  • Clean the surface of dust and debris.
  • Cut the roll into the required number of strips.
  • Remove the protective film from the back of the wallpaper.
  • Press against the wall and level.
  • Enjoy the updated interior of your home!

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Using panels
Printable and Highly customizable: If you are tired of monotonous 3d brick wall panels, you can repaint on the White brick 3d brick wallpaper to change its color, just buy some paint, and start. No Damage to Wall for Removal: This White brick 3d foam wall panels is easily removed without damaging,and no glue left. But please remember that you need to tear the waterproof sellf-adhesive 3D wall panels off slowly. Wide Range of Applications: You can put these White brick 3d wallpaper for living room, basement, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace and so on. These 3D faux brick wallpaper peel and stick with very strong glue will hold great, don’t worried about fall off.
Wallpaper 2800*500*2mm Grey
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