What is self-adhesive 3D wall panels?

Self-adhesive 3D panels are modern finishing material, that are used as decorative coating for interior surfaces (link to gallery). 3D panels with adhesive are the ideal solution for repairing on your own. Thanks to the simplicity and user-friendliness, the panel installation will take only 30 minutes.

Wall panels material

Decorative self-adhesive panels are made of expanded polypropylene in the form of sheets. On the one hand, they have a structure, on the other hand, they are covered with an adhesive base. The material is odorless, does not emit harmful toxic substances into the air, and does not cause allergic reactions.

The wall panels applied perfectly to any wall, hiding surface imperfections. To ensure proper installation it is necessary to take measurements, calculate the number of panels needed, clean the dust from walls, remove the protective film from the panel, and press it tightly against the wall.

Wall panels application

The world's popularity of 3D wall panels is caused by their ability to create a volumetric visual effect. With their help it is possible to create focal room zones, as well as optical illusions, visually reducing or increasing the space of the room. To create beautiful interior in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, have a look at our wide range of wall panels. Among the variety of colors, textures, and decors you are for sure will find a design that will answer your needs and taste. The ability of the panels to maintain their characteristics in contact with moisture makes it possible to use a decorative coating even in the bathroom.

Variants of wall panels application

The diversity and versatility of self-adhesive 3D wall panels application allow quick and efficient changing of the interior with incredible results. Thanks to the color schemes and unusual prints in the collections of 3D panels, it is quite easy to create a design solution.

There are over 150 colors in the collection. Several types of textures allow you to satisfy the most sophisticated fantasies. We will tell you where our clients use 3D panels, perhaps it will be a topical issue for you. 3D self-adhesive wall panels can be applied to:

  • bedroom
  • living room
  • kids’ room
  • kitchen - walls
  • bathroom
  • restroom
  • corridor
  • balcony
  • pantry
  • office
  • shops and showrooms
  • classroom
  • country house
  • kindergarten
  • garage
  • stock
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