3D panels in interior

Recently, 3D self-adhesive wall panels have become the best-sellers. The modern version of the cladding provides unlimited design options. The range of different colors, reliefs, and dimensions allow you to choose the best solution for creating any style in the interior.

Due to their pronounced universal characteristics, the use of 3d panels in the interior makes it possible to realize the most creative ideas.

Where to apply self-adhesive 3D wall panels?

Among the diversity of application options, the decorative 3D panels proved to be the most suitable for apartments. Let's look at the top 5 rooms where the application of such a cladding would be more than appropriate:
  1. Kitchen. In comparison with paint, wallpaper, or plaster, 3D panels can be cleaned with a detergent. In addition, they can maintain presentability in conditions of heating.
  2. Hallway. The walls in the hallways are subjected to intense loads, and self-adhesive 3D panels are easily restored after deformation.
  3. Bathroom. 3D panels for bathrooms have an adhesive base to ensure strong and durable fixation to the walls, even under the influence of moisture. In such a case, the risk of fungus and mold growth is eliminated.
  4. Living room. A wide range of textures allows decoration of the entire room, as well as individual zones.
  5. Bedroom. Ways of decoration are unlimited. You may use panels for decorating the head of the bed or the part of the wall opposite.
Due to eco-friendliness and safety, 3D panels are used for decorating rooms with high sanitary and hygienic requirements. Also, stylish 3D cladding can be found in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Advantages of applying 3D self-adhesive panels

In addition to the aesthetics brought to perfection, volumetric panels have many advantages.

They are:

  • environmental friendly;
  • long-lasting;
  • resistant to moisture and temperature extremes;
  • has good sound and noise insulation;
  • compatible with any decor options.

Wall panels allow not only to create unusual interiors but also to hide imperfections on walls, ceilings, or partitions. The finishing material is extremely easy to install. It allows quick repairing on your own. As regards disadvantages, there is only one - the wide range of textures and shades, which makes it difficult to choose.

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