How to install 3D wall panels?

Simple installation is the main advantage of 3D wall panels. It requires a minimum time for preparation.
The only instrument you need is scissors, no more tools are needed.
Having measured the surface of the wall and estimated the number of wall panels needed, it is necessary:

  1. Clean the dust from the wall
  2. Peel off about 5-10 cm of the back protective film along the horizontal part (top)
  3. Apply wall panel by adhesive side directly to the surface and press it with a hand or towel to ensure better adhesion. Wall panels must be installed from top to bottom (vertically). Carefully peel off the remaining protective film, while pressing the panel with your hand, smooth the panel from top to bottom once the panel is adhered. 

    Options of wall panel installation:
    The first option is seams gluing, when edges of wall panels are visible. There is no need to cut anything. Just apply panels to the wall, while laying the side of one panel on top of the other.


    The second option is seamless installation when edges are invisible. Such a way of the application looks like a composition. To get such a result, it is necessary to cut out the extreme small bricks and join the panels while gluing.

    Wall panels cannot be reused.


    How to calculate the number of wall panels needed?

    The square of ​​one panel with a size of 700 * 770 cm is 0.539 m2.
    1m2 - 2 panels. It is necessary to multiply the surface area for gluing by 2. It is the required number of panels.

    Example: room 2x3 with ceiling height up to 2.7.
    ((2x2.7)+(3x2.7))x2=27 sq.m. adhesive area. 27x2=54 panels.
    Recommendation: buy 2 spare sheets for undercuts.

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